Creative Rainy Day

There’s something about the sound of rain on a red tin roof. It makes me want to hunker down at home and DO things. I almost managed to stay indoors the entire day, except for the few seconds that I ran out in stocking feet to see why the chickens were making noise and except for the chocolate run that Kate and I decided was necessary after dinner. Chocolate soy milk, chocolate ice cream, and dark chocolate mini Hershey bars. For Kate, for me, and for Chris, respectively. We also bought Craisins, apples, and bananas so it didn’t look so bad at the check-out.

Other than those two ventures out of doors, I pretty much stayed in the art mode, and created quite a pile of snippings. It was a “play around and see what you come up with” sort of day, that began with e-mails to Jordan about Spencerian Penmanship (more to come on the results in the next few days!) and ended with a table piled with hole punches, coffee stains, watercolor pencils, silhouette paper, antique paper, scrapbooking paper, scissors, a compass, X-Acto knives, pencils, Micron pens, cutting boards, matboard, bits of paper, and a couple of “one of a kind” Valentines. Just me, art supplies, and a rainy day. Joy.

My family did eventually return home. Chris brought me piles of paper samples from his sister, a graphic artist, who is trying to help me find my favorite paper in larger sizes. (Sonja, I think I found it!!!) And Kate came home with stories of her day as a Nanny, and then headed up to the sewing room to work on a project that was begging to be brought to life. I think the rain was affecting her too.

I did manage to get some orders finished and ready to go this morning before I started playing… and even updated an old design with antiquing and a more intricate border to go on the website…


Hope you all have had an equally wonderful wet Wednesday!

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