Jacobean Papercut…

I had a bit of fun playing around with a new “woven” border the other day… it took a while to figure out to make it come out even and center the “weave.” When painted, it should look like strips of woven paper instead of all one piece. At least that’s the plan! I don’t usually design the outside edges of a papercutting first, but the quest for a different border took priority. I had no idea what I wanted to put inside, so I let the whole thing sit a day or two. Tonight, after my evening nap on the couch, I dug through my books on fraktur, and found this wonderful piece for inspiration…


… and then sketched and snipped inside the border…


The original fraktur had Psalm 102, verses 1 & 2 as the text, but I think this papercut will have Psalm 42:1 on it… Can’t wait to start painting it!

As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after Thee, O God.

One thing that is very fascinating to me about fraktur and other early American folk art is recognizing the things that inspired the artists… and then being inspired by their art to design something new today. When you look through examples of old fraktur, you can easily see that the artist copied or was inspired by illustrations in their Bible, fabrics in their home, printed broadsides or newspapers, or other pictures or designs they may have in their home. The original fraktur above looks an awful lot like Jacobean Needlework, which often has a “terra firma” section at the base of the panel of embroidery. Deer and other animals are portrayed frolicking on rolling hills. I like the idea behind the terra firma or solid ground sections… that despite the artistic liberty they may take with the designs of trees and flowers, they were realistic in having them grow from the ground. 

After cutting that, I spent some time painting some Artist Trading Cards I’m getting ready to mail out, and then headed to the computer to discover a new picture of our grandboy Jack! He is getting to be one cute little guy!

And then I came here to post, and this post explains why I’m awake and it’s already tomorrow. I REALLY need to take my naps earlier in the day, and not just before bedtime!

Oh… we got a bit of snow today… it only lasted an hour or so before it turned to rain, but it was beautiful!


Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Jacobean Papercut…

  1. Kim, I always view your art with awe! It’s so beautiful. I really like this new piece and the verse gives it even more beauty.

    Love your wintery scene. I heard that we just might get a flurry of snow tomorrow and I’m as excited as a child. There’s something magical about the woods when they’re blanketed in white.

    Wishing you much happiness and joy in the coming year,

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