A few of my favorite things…

We’re still finishing up last minute orders, but are definitely in a “slowing down mode!” (Or procrastination mode?) I keep taking breaks from things I should be doing to do other things I should be doing, like decorating and wrapping gifts. Or just having quiet moments while reading Christmas devotions by Christmastreelight, which is my favorite thing to do while I should be doing something else. We have one more very large Christmas gift project, and I’m hoping with everything in me that it turns out. I’ll let you know after the Big Day! It involves concrete and I’m recruiting Chris and Kate so it should be interesting!

And messy.

Since pictures always make a blog post more interesting, I thought I’d post another favorite Christmas decoration of our family… our Moravian Christmas Pyramid. It was made for us by Mr. Pete, who makes furniture for our store. Last year, I nearly burnt it down by leaving the top candle burning. We didn’t know until we were putting it away for the season and discovered the charred edges on the top candle holder! 


On it is one of our nativity collections, by Hestia Creations. My mom gives me a special piece or two each year. I love this nativity… it reminds me of the Pennsylvania German putzes, and hopefully someday we’ll have enough to create our own putz. Here’s a close-up…


Have a Merry Today!

One thought on “A few of my favorite things…

  1. Merry Christmas, Kim! The boys are ready to help you with your baking ~ just send the sleigh to pick them up.

    I really like that Christmas pyramid. I’ve never seen anything like that but it is so lovely.

    Wishing you a blessed Christmas,

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