I heard a bird sing in the dark of December…

… A magical thing, and sweet to remember.

~Oliver Hereford~

Today the birds thought Spring had sprung! Temperatures rose to about 60 degrees, the wind was warm, and the sky was blue. Perfect day for hanging out laundry. (Last week my laundry FROZE on the line! I brought in a frozen flannel pillowcase to show Chris!) It was also perfect for putting me in the mood to paint some singing birds…


This one is very heavily stained, and will look nice and primitive! The banner area was an experiment, and turned out pretty neat… I wasn’t sure what to do with the tree as it went behind the banner, but I’m happy with it! 

Kate set up an Etsy shop this week… she’s been busy stitching up hairbows and wristlets from vintage fabric, and is working on some make-do’s. (I think “re-purpose” is the correct term nowadays!) If you get a chance, pop on over to see what she’s listed! We have bits of  fabric and fluff all over the family room, but that’s a pretty common occurrence around here. She also had an issue with her truck window today… it, um, fell into the door. Two very able mechanics came to the rescue, though, and had her fixed up in no time flat! Thanks guys… we owe you!

Our family went on a Christmas house tour this past Saturday night, and saw some very sweet and lovely homes. My favorite was the home of a primitive artist… every nook and cranny was filled with creative ideas, and I couldn’t take it all in. On the snack table was a really cute idea… I ate one and brought one home so I wouldn’t forget how to make them…

She took these ordinary mints…


And used food coloring markers to turn them into these…


Isn’t that the happiest thing you’ve ever seen? Hey Jo… that would make a fun and easy Christmas project for Luke’s brothers!

5 thoughts on “I heard a bird sing in the dark of December…

  1. Kim,
    It is such a treat to stop by and see what you are up to!
    You brought make a childhood memory of taking the frozen laundry off the line. : )
    I’ll stop over and see what Kate has in her shop! Thanks for sharing!
    Love the little snowman idea!
    Hoping your holiday is wonderful!
    La Donna

  2. I was just Googling that poem, trying to find the exact wording because although I’m working in sunny, tropical Singapore, my family and friends are still slogging through an exceptionally long, cold and dark winter in Minnesota.

    I will now send them the link to your blog so that they can enjoy your lovely paper birds.

    Thanks for making the world more beautiful.

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