Today we tackled…

…Kate’s room. It was a bit of a mess due to lots of shows and history events, but we managed to make some sense of things. We swapped two beds for one, and managed to move three beds, three mattresses, and three box-springs up and down three sets of stairs in three different houses. We gals are expert furniture movers. Of course, when beds are involved, we usually wrangle a man, and my poor Dad got wrangled today. (Thanks Dad!) By dinner time, the room was back in order, though some of the extra pieces are scattered throughout the house. (A pile for the dumpster, a pile for the thrift shop, and a pile for the attic!) Hopefully OUR bed will be clear before the night is over.

We also took a pile of Kate’s cooking gear over to Mom & Dad’s old house, and brought a pile of things home that used to be in their attic. (Yes, we shuffled stuff today!) One of the things that came home with us was a Cabbage Patch doll, named Thom Buddy.


We didn’t know his name, because he had never been removed from his 1980-something box. I was happy to see that his name was Buddy on his official birth certificate, because I think he’s going to be a good friend for someone I know…


Don’t you think there’s a slight resemblance? That’s Jack’s “thinking face,” though it was hard to catch with the camera! When wearing that expression, he was usually in motion or busy doing something, and had no time for picture-taking!

Have a great night… I’m off to excavate the bed so we can go to sleep tonight!

P.S. If you click on Jack’s link, you can see him in motion!

5 thoughts on “Today we tackled…

  1. Oh that’s funny! For all those outside the joke… when Jo was about 2, she had a Cabbage Patch named Walter, and would push him around in a tiny grocery cart, reprimanding him to “Get your hands in, Walter!”

    Jo, I think you probably heard that from me… I didn’t want you to get them pinched (or to find extra things in the cart when I got to the check out!).

    Mom 🙂

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