Chestnuts roasting…

…in a microwave? Highly UNrecommended!

Kate cleaned out her coat pocket last night, discovered two chestnuts we had collected a couple of weeks ago, and plunked them down on the kitchen table. Today, in my continuing quest to clear off the table, I discovered them, wondered what to do with them, and then remembered reading something somewhere about roasting small chestnuts in the microwave. I thought about that for a moment, and decided if I was going to try it, I’d put a cup of water in with them so the micro wouldn’t arc. So, in they went. I set the thing for two minutes, and then got busy with something else. (That’s usually when I get into trouble!)

Suddenly, I smelled a chestnutty sort of smell, and when I turned to take a look at them, it sounded like a gun went off in the kitchen! The big one blew up! The microwave roasted chestnuts did not turn out so well… they were burnt and dried out, so I couldn’t tell if they would have been okay if I had only put them in for a few seconds. The moral of the story is do things the old-fashioned way. It’s much more romantic to roast them over an open fire.

Speaking of romance, our family would like to recommend the movie Fireproof. We don’t usually do movie recommendations on our blogs, but we went and saw it last night, and it was great! It’s produced by the same church that did Facing the Giants and Flywheel, and their movies keep getting better and better. This one is about not giving up in a rocky marriage, and I’d recommend it for anyone dating age and up. (Tense firefighting scenes, as well as tense family scenes would be the drawbacks for younger children.) We laughed and cried, as the producers are wonderful at intertwining humor with real-life issues. And, we found out that Kirk Cameron had his real-life wife flown in for the one and only kissing scene. How sweet is that?

3 thoughts on “Chestnuts roasting…

  1. Now that’s a guy! Flies in his own wife for the kissing scene? The former actress in me wonders what it would be like to have to act in these times…now I know you can make “arrangements.” Smart man!

    Oh, and those poor chestnuts. I don’t even know where we’d GET a chestnut. Lol. The grocery store?

  2. HI Deb!

    They have them in the grocery stores here! Usually close to where the bulk nuts are during the winter.

    Kim 🙂

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