Creativity is not necessarily tidy…

… at least not around here! We’re getting ready for a show again, and our home/studio is in its usual “before show” state. I’m not giving any house tours, folks.

I’ve got pineapples and pomegranates and distelfinks* and hearts and fraktur lettering* swirling around in my brain, and my eyes are tired. Hubby’s up to his elbows in yellow paint as I type, and wishing I’d come in there and help him finish the last few frames. And Kate just retired for the night, after nearly finishing her Dad’s new breeches. His old ones were getting dangerously threadbare. Tomorrow will be one more day of mad crafting & framing before we leave. But we’re having fun, and we plan on having a whole bunch of it this weekend… our show is at Smith’s Fort Plantation, and we’re staying in our favorite place in the whole wide world (after HOME, of course!). Williamsburg.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of our newest papercuts, in various stages of completion…

(The paper snips on the rug are real and not staged for the photo shoot.) 

Anyway, if I don’t get back here before we leave, I hope you all have a grand weekend!

*distelfink: interesting looking bird found in Pennsylvania German folk art; symbolizes good luck and happiness; possibly a corruption of the name “thistle finch” due to German accent.

*fraktur lettering: German script so-named because of its “broken” appearance; “fraktur” is considered a type of font or lettering in Europe, although it is considered a style of art in America


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