A Nifty Idea…

Every year we make oodles of German folded stars. Actually Hubby makes oodles of them. I’ll make a few, knowing he’ll get hooked, and then I go back to papercutting. He likes making them. Really, he does!


And, every year, we try to make them a little different than last year. A new color of paper, with glitter, dipped in wax, larger, smaller, etc. Last week, I was thinking it was time to start making stars, and was playing around with different ideas, and had a nifty idea. How about making them with historic newspaper! So, we ordered some, it came today, and I started cutting strips and folding. Kate showed a little interest, and joined in on the fun. (We haven’t managed to get Chris hooked yet, but we’ll get him!)

Anyway, here are the newspaper stars in process… I’m going to try to dig out some beeswax to dip them in. I think it’ll be just the perfect finish if I can find it!

Getting started…

Making the first folds!

Outside points on one side.

Three-dimensional points!

Seven finished stars! 

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