Taking a moment…

… to post! We’re still up to our eyebrows in show preparations. Just wanted to post a picture of the finished Adam and Eve. It wouldn’t fit in the scanner, and “head on” pictures really glared from the flash, so excuse the odd angle… and the dust on the chalkboard ledge!

It’s a little brighter than my norm, but very happy feeling. Except for the theme… I’m always tempted to some day write “STOP!!! Don’t eat that!!!” in the heart. 

And I’ll also share with you a blooper. This cutting will go in my “seconds” book. I was still a little bleary eyed this morning, and when attempting to give this angel lips, I actually gave her a moustache. Oh well, at least I was working on two of these cuttings, and still have one normal looking angel. However, I thought you all would at least get a good laugh out of this… or a good scare? She’s pretty spooky looking!

And thanks for all the birthday wishes! 


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