A brand new grandboy!

Today was an exciting day! Jo and Luke gave us a new grandboy… Derek Mark Boesch was born this afternoon, weighing in at 7 lb., 13 oz. and measuring out at 19″! Don’t quote me on the spelling of his first name… in their excitement of that phone call to us, they weren’t sure how his namesake (Luke’s friend) spelled his name! The middle name is after Luke’s Dad!

Can’t wait to see the little guy! Don’t you think Jackson will be surprised when his Mommy & Daddy get home?! We’ll put up pictures as soon as we have one!

7 thoughts on “A brand new grandboy!

  1. Hi ladies! We’re heading out there at the end of September… although I had wild inclinations to change those plane tickets when we heard she was in labor this early!

    Official Spelling is Derik!

  2. Congratulations to all of you! What a blessing! Glad that you can visit in September! Can’t wait to see pictures!
    La Donna

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