What can be done in 15 minutes…

Chris has been home more than usual the past week or so, and has devoted himself almost entirely to frame-making. Which means he has cut numerous boards into lengths that range from 3″ to 16″. I think I can safely say that this has been the biggest pile of frame pieces he’s ever produced at one time! So, on Tuesday of last week, I began the gluing up process… putting each frame in a band clamp for 15 minutes. As the frame piece pile grew steadily, I knew we had to be serious about keeping to the 15 minute time frame, so I set the oven timer each time a frame was placed in the clamp. And that made for a hilarious few days…. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP (obnoxious beeping from oven in kitchen), me running to the stove to silence the beast, then gluing up another frame, then running back to the kitchen to re-set the timer, then attempting to be productive at something before the beeping began again. Somewhere along the line, we decided that it might be a smart thing to order a couple more clamps (after all these years of frame-making, why didn’t we think of THAT before?) and they arrived on Friday night, which increased our gluing up from 4 frames per hour to 16. Well, technically, but it takes longer to set up three frames and we relaxed our timing to maybe 20 minutes sometimes, so it was most likely closer to 12 per hour. Still, however, it was a great improvement in time management and motion study!

Oh bliss! Three frames at once! Our next business investment is going to be a simple kitchen timer… one that just goes “ding” so I’m not tempted to take a hammer into the kitchen with me!

And, in the process, I have made a list of things that can be done in 15 minute increments:

Cut our 4×6 papers for cuttings and fold a load of towels

Transfer laundry, put away towels, and mark points on a 4×6 paper

Boil water, steep a cup of tea, put in another load of laundry

Help Kate pick out linen for her next project and mark more points

Drink tea, eat chocolate, and trace a pattern

Hang laundry on line and water plants and enjoy the great outdoors

Mark more points, and trace more cuttings, and think of silly things to write on this blog!

The pile of glued frames began to grow, and I was feeling rather proud of what I had accomplished, until Chris came in, took one look at it, and nearly fainted at the prospect of having to sand them all!

Honestly, we love what we do… it’s just funny sometimes to look at it with humor! Owning a home business is definitely not all glam and fortune, but amidst all the sawdust and late nights, we’ve learned so much over the years and enjoyed time working together as a family. Wouldn’t trade it for the world!

4 thoughts on “What can be done in 15 minutes…

  1. Wonderful! Any mom of small children can empathize with your 15-minute episodes. Lol. That’s about all the quiet time we get. Only, unlike the stove timer, we can’t turn the children “off” when they scream or whine or cry. Lol. But I’m loving every minute of it.

  2. HI Deb… I remember those days! Nap time was a very important part of the day… especially the days they would both sleep at the same time!

    Yup, La Donna, they’re in the pile!

    Hi Debbie… it’s amazing what one can squish into 15 minutes!

    And I just had to laugh at myself… three clamps times 4 quarter hours equals 12 frames max per hour. Not 16! Maybe the glue is going to my head! Hubby says I’m not wired for math.

    Kim 🙂

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