Plugging away…

Just posting a couple pictures of cuttings… I took a break from the pumpkins to work on this…

It didn’t quite fit on the scanner bed, but I got enough to make the pattern, in case I want to do another! Can’t wait to paint it! And don’t worry… somehow my Adam & Eve’s find the fig leaves BEFORE the eat the fruit! (Not wanting to change the story, but I claim artistic license in order to promote modesty in art!)

And a few pumpkin and turkey pictures… most of them will be white pumpkins, since they’re cut from orange paper. The pumpkins in front of the fence was the suggestion of two brothers who were watching me cut at the store. As I was starting a new one, the youngest said “why don’t you make a fence and put pumpkins in front of it?” What a great idea! I think he’s going to have an eye for art when he’s older!

Now, back to work…

4 thoughts on “Plugging away…

  1. Oh, I LOVE “Thankful.” Yesterday my oldest painted an awesome starfish–I didn’t know she had such an eye for art. It’s wonderful what God reveals through art, isn’t it?

  2. HI Deb, La Donna, and Diantha!

    Sometimes our kids really surprise us with talents we didn’t realize they had! It’s neat to see them take the little bits we give them and go way beyond our expectations!

    Hugs to you too La Donna!

    Diantha… I usually paint most of my cuttings, but many people just leave the silhouette to speak for itself! We then mount them on matboard and frame them. And then *hopefully* sell them! LOL


    Kim 🙂

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