A few new things!

We’re working every spare minute to get some new papercuts ready for fall… here’s a batch that’s nearly ready for frames! I just have to decide on the verses that some of them will have. And put the verses on… that’s the scariest part for me! I’ve tried putting the ink/lettering on first, which would save all the cutting and painting if I mess it up, but I know my track record with finished inkwork and having water anywhere nearby. It’s not good. So, I save the stress for the end. It adds to the thrill of papercutting, I guess!

Back to the drawing board… or the cutting board?

Have a great day!

8 thoughts on “A few new things!

  1. Hi I came over from LaDonna’s Blog – your cut outs (I’m not even going to try to spell the actual name) are gorgeous! I can’t even imagine having enough courage to do something to any one of them that might mess them up! I’ve never seen this with color – I have a friend who does them in black.

  2. Thanks Ladies! Now to get these into some frames!

    And thanks for the Award La Donna! And for creating it Tammy! What a fun and inspiring idea!

  3. I Googled “Christmas scherenschnitte” and your site popped up…..which always makes me smile to see people I already know show up in Google.

    What sort of paper do you use for your painted snips?

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