June Journal Ideas!

With only three days to go in June, I’m FINALLY getting this month’s art journaling page up! Forgive the tardiness… this is definitely going to be a long-term project, as I’ve not had much time to devote to adding extra art journaling commentary! (And I’m running into a few of the old monthly pages that weren’t completely finished, so adding drawings and ideas is necessary before posting!)

One idea mentioned below that we did quite often throughout our years of homeschooling was making small journals for special activities. Believe it or not, having a small journal to use for just a week at camp or for the summer only makes a big difference in your attitude toward journaling! Our girls had art journals that they worked in over long periods of time, but over time, pulling out those journals can become monotonous. Having something new to work in can be fun, but you can also vary the type of entries. Some ideas that are interesting “breaks” from the norm:

Reading Response Journal (Be Laura Ingalls as you read your way through the Big Woods)

Nature Journaling (While on a hike, record your observations of flora and fauna)

Historical Journal (Keep a journal specifically for living history activities… Write in first person!)

Science Journal (Record details about experiments during a science unit study)

Camp or Trip Journal (Write each day about where you’ve been, and what you’ve seen)

Field Trip Journal (Keep a special journal just for writing about field trips)

You get the idea! The main thought behind this is to keep it small if it’s a short-term journal. It’s easy to carry with you, not intimidating, and easier to stay focused on a specific type of writing or artwork. We used to make our little journals by folding paper in half and stapling on a construction paper cover, but the opportunities are endless now… check out the scrapbooking section of your craft store for ready-made tiny journals!

And here’s June’s Idea Page!

One thought on “June Journal Ideas!

  1. I just stumbled upon your art journals and love them! If you have July through December, do you mind posting or emailing them to me? Thanks!

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