My Stash of Stuff… or Adventures in Papercutting Part Two!

Okay, so “every day” may not have been a good thing to promise! (Jordan teased me about that last night!) Yesterday started as soon as my feet hit the floor… and I guess after so many relaxing days, I needed the real world to come knocking at the door! It was nice to be busy and to have an actual list of tangible things that needed doing! Mom and I helped a couple of people order furniture, I drew up a couple of ads and put back all the papercuttings I had removed from the store for the weekend, and in the evening Kate and I tackled the weeds in the front garden and cooked dinner while Chris cut the grass. Productive day.

This morning I made an attempt to gather up all my goodies from Collection 2008 in one heap. I’m sure as I dig through my baskets and notebooks and artbox and bags and… you get the idea… that I will find more things. However, this is a pretty good sampling of the stuff we each brought home! Some of it was from workshops, some from decorations at meals, and a lot from just swapping and trading with folks we met. I was completely unprepared for the “swapping” aspect of a convention, and am currently putting some thought and effort into developing some “remembrances” to take with me the next time! Okay… the stash:

On the first night of Collection, we had a presentation by Steve Woodbury on how to tell if a papercutting is old or new, or if it is hand-cut or reproduced mechanically or by some other method. It was a very fascinating presentation! One of the best methods to use is to LOOK CLOSELY. Use a jeweler’s loop if needed. “Papercuttings” can be prints, ink drawings, reverse-painted on glass, die-cuts, or laser-cuts. Some of those types are still collectible, but may have a different type of value to the collector. If you look closely, you can see clues…is the paper slightly raised from the background or does it seem flat? Are the edges bent downward, jagged, or slightly burnt looking? Are there little snags of paper that didn’t get cut out properly? All those little clues can give you an idea of what type of artwork you’re looking at! We then had a “show and tell” of sorts, and I got to talk to a couple of folks about a treasure I’ve had tucked in a drawer…

My uncle found this for me years ago, and eventually I learned it was called a “Devotional.” I still wasn’t sure about its age, how it was made, or where it came from. It is so finely cut, I couldn’t imagine anyone doing it by hand! (The entire cutting is 3″ x 5″!) Marie-Helene thought it was German, and said that it is truly cut by hand, and is from the late 1600’s or early 1700’s. Wow! Now I know I need to go get it framed properly!

Okay… off to do some work! Have a great day!

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