Some quiet time today…

We’ve had quite the weekend! More dancing… I guess it’s feast or famine in that area! We actually don’t “live for dancing,” but it seems that springtime brings with it burst of things to do and places to go, and we’ve definitely been doing and going! Three weekends full of dancing, music, and history… and of course lots of good friends, both old and new! We’ve gone back and forth from the colonial era to the Civil War to the 1940’s several times. Sometimes within a matter of minutes. I have to admit, today it was nice to just be in 2008.


The afternoon was rather quiet, and I decided to take an hour or so to mess around with a couple of books I have on botanical illustration. My favorite is Beautiful Botanicals: Painting and Drawing Flowers and Plants by Bente Starcke King. Another favorite and practical book is Botanical Illustration in Watercolor by Eleanor B. Wunderlich. Amazon will let you peek inside that one!

Anway, here’s the results of a quiet hour… trying to “notebook” what I’m learning. I guess old homeschoolers  never die!

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