The next batch, and finally in pots…

I’ve almost got another batch of cuttings ready for paint! One’s a special order, (Hi Barb, it’s yours!), one’s a new folky bird design, and there’s a spring beeskep design, and a scrawny new lion. I think he’ll have “Peace” written on his banner. And a very interesting papercutting challenge… the Capital Dome! I thought that turned out rather neat, although it’s not my usual style!

Last night, my Dad came over with the big horse trough that Nana Anne planted her tomatoes in, and both he and Hubby set it near my other galvanized “planters,” and shoveled a bunch of dirt in it. It’ll hold tomatoes and peppers this summer, and it’ll be very nice to have the garden within a few steps of the back door! Kate has declared she has no time to garden this summer, so I guess the big garden will be back in my care as well. I’d love to put in more rows of berries and a row of lavender, but we’ll see. It may lie fallow for yet another season. Anyway, here’s the mini veggie garden so far… the spinach is not doing as well as I had hoped… it’s a little pale in color. However, the lettuce mix and peas are happy! (The watering can still has weeds in it, so please ignore it!)

And, some of the flowers found their way into some cute and joyful pots. I thought about adding a few white ones to the “Flower Pot,” but couldn’t bring myself to do it. The little Red Orange flower is happy there all by its lonesome. (Jordan, that’s your pot! I couldn’t leave it empty!)

Anyway, have a blessed evening!

3 thoughts on “The next batch, and finally in pots…

  1. I remembered that pot this spring…it really needed a flower in it since it is a Flower Pot after all. So yay! It looks happy again!

  2. Girl…you are so talented! Beautiful work! I enjoy your pretty green flowers. Oh, I am itching to get my flowers planted. Lovely,lovely!

    Debbie(think spring,think spring);)

  3. Jo, Nana & Pop-Pop found it while working over in the apartment! It needed something very happy in it!

    Deb… I don’t know about talent! I can plant things, but it’s the keeping them alive part that I have trouble with! I tend to confine perfectly healthy little plants in pots and then forget to water them. I’m hoping the REALLY BRIGHT COLORS will attract enough attention!


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