A Time to Plant…

Yesterday, Mom & I made our first trip to the greenhouses. Well, actually Mom beat me to it by a couple of visits, but it was my first official trip of the season. We went to two local nurseries, and this was what I came home with…

Now to get it potted and looking pretty! I’ll be so glad to see something living at my back door! It’s always nice to get the entry ways looking welcoming. That’s one of my most difficult homemaking tasks, since for some reason I’m just not an “outdoors” person. I like the outdoors… but I’m perfectly happy puttering around inside and sometimes forget to even poke my head out all day long!

Amazingly enough, it is still just the first week of May, and I’ve got the May Journaling Ideas page all ready to post… so without further ado…

4 thoughts on “A Time to Plant…

  1. So glad that you stopped by to visit. David & Julie are just precious folks who love the Lord. Hope you enjoy their work.

    And I’m so glad I came by and saw your Day Journal pages. Lovey doesn’t begin to describe them. I’ve got to go back through and read them all now!


  2. Kim,
    I’m another one who can happily spend all day indoors! It’s so good to “hear” someone else make that admission.


  3. I like the idea of doing a “Tasha Tudor border.” We try to do those in our nature journals sometimes. It’s a nice way to jazz up a page.


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