A Blatantly Biased Promotional Blog Post…

Excuse my Proud Mama Moment, folks, but I wanted to share that my grown girl Jo and her hubby Luke are working on starting up a business centered around Jo’s photography! I’ve always been amazed at the way Jo sees things through the lens of a camera (especially since my meager attempts at photography are at best… well, meager!), and evidently quite a few other folks have been urging her to do something with her skills, so for the last few weeks she’s been looking into options. I’ve been helping with notecard layout, so here’s a picture of some potential offerings!

If you’d like to visit her new Etsy shop, please do… here’s a link:

Blessed Road Photography

Or take a peak at her blog now and again to see what she and her men are up to! You can click on “Jordan’s Photos” to see more of her pictures… plus lots of pictures of our sweet little Grandboy Jack. Jo also has a brand new Food Blog that is really making us miss having our very own personal gourmet chef! (Goodness, if we lose Kate anytime soon, Mr. F. and I will be eating out a lot!)

7 thoughts on “A Blatantly Biased Promotional Blog Post…

  1. Love the robin’s eggs. Can’t wait to see more at the etsy shop. I spent a few hours mounting my own snapshots on plain cards/envelopes. That was fun!

  2. Oh, oh, oh, tell her if she makes note cards out of that lily shot I’d buy them! I’ll check back to see if she does. She has a GREAT eye!

  3. Susan, we’ll have to meet in the middle! Goodness, how useful these gals become!

    Deb, Jo called me about the cards, so they may be heading your way from THIS side of the continent!

    Have a great day!
    Kim 🙂

  4. hi kim, i love jo’s photos and the california poppy bringsa back such great memories of home–i’m a native cali girl and i miss it every day (i’ve been in washington now for 6 years). i would love to buy some postcards of the poppy, and others too as i think she does beautiful work.
    thank you and blessings, mari

  5. Hi Mari!
    Those poppies are pretty! I think if you e-mail Jo she can make a custom entry on Etsy for whatever you’re interested in!

    Kim 🙂

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