A Very Happy Surprise!

Last week, Kate went out to get the mail, and informed me that I had a package. Okay, I said, but I was busy with something or other, and told her she could open it. What an unexpected surprise… in it were THESE…

About 15 or so years ago, as a very inexperienced papercutter, I applied to Early American Life’s Directory of Traditional American Crafts and of course at that point I literally had no chance to get accepted. BUT, if I could have chosen one place of honor for our work, that would have been it. Last year I gave a brief thought about trying again, and then life was crazy and the idea got set aside. This January, I wondered if I had missed the deadline, and upon checking I found there were a few days left to enter. I consulted with hubby, and he said to “go for it,” and so we hastily pulled our entry photos together and stuck them in the mail. Honestly, I was expecting it to be another learning experience, with hopefully some feedback about how to improve. When the package came last week we were so very surprised to find we were chosen for the 2008 Directory! Although the official Directory will be in the August 2008 issue (publication available in June) we have permission to “shout it from the rooftops!” It took me few days to completely process the information, but here’s an official “WhooHoo!” from Thistle Dew Mercantile!!!

10 thoughts on “A Very Happy Surprise!

  1. Thank you Ladies! I still can’t quite believe it!

    Now back to the drawing (or cutting?) board… which is where I’ve been the past few days!

    Kim 🙂

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