April Showers…

I think it’s supposed to rain again today. I keep reminding myself that “April showers bring May flowers.” We’ve had quite the dreary beginning to this month! However, yesterday the Crab Apple began to show some blooms, and today it’s nearly completely opened. I took a picture, just in case the predicted storms later today knock them off. We call the Crab Apple tree “Dad’s Topiary,” because of the trim job he gave it a couple of years back. It was very bushy, and difficult to mow around, so one day we girls came home to a beautiful Crab Apple Topiary. It was a bit of a shock initially, but I love how the new trim job showed off the twisted trunk! (Dad also made a topiary out of Jo’s pine tree next to the garden, and that tree STILL looks rather interesting!)

The Crab Apple tree has just the perfect setting… right in a little nook in front of the barn. For years it served not only for decoration, but for goat containment. The door just to the left leads into the goat shed, and as a few of you know, we used to have four goats. (Only April, our noisy little alarm clock goat is still with us.) And as some of you may know, goats are good at escaping. They even sometimes escaped, and then let the horse prisoners that lived next door out as well. However, we foiled them with the Crab Apple tree. As soon as they would sneak out of the barn door, the four of them would spy the Crab Apple and forget all about the wonders of the great beyond. They would eat themselves sick, and we could walk right up and get them one by one and put them back behind bars. Very convenient. My only issue with the Crab Apple, is that it’s a flowering Crab Apple, and the fruits are tiny… maybe cherry size? I’d really like to get an old-fashioned Crab Apple, with actual Crab Apple sized fruits so we can make Crab Apple Jelly.

And now, with no furthur ado, here are April’s Art Journaling Ideas! It’s not quite the middle of the month, so I’m not too late!

4 thoughts on “April Showers…

  1. I just love these. Have you thought about copyrighting them and publishing them in e-form? I’d buy them! The plans are lovely in themselves.

    Okay, maybe I’m too late and that’s what you already do. Sorry if I’m behind the times.

    But I really do appreciate the beauty and thoughtfulness in your posts.


  2. Do you sell these wonderful pages in a yearly packet? I’d buy them as an e-book. If you don’t, please consider it. They’d be beautiful watercolored. Hmm…now you’ve got me thinking about my own journal.

  3. Hi Deb!

    Right now I’m just posting them monthly, and am slowly archiving them in on the “Art Journaling” page on the right of the blog. I may eventually put them into an e-book, but for at least this year, they’re free for trial!

    Kim 🙂

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