Randomness, and various other sundry things…

Okay, TODAY is the very random post.

My spinach, peas, and a few bits of lettuce are poking through the dirt and looking happy.

The hens are confused about their identity. Some think they are geese, others think they are sparrows.


The worms are happily thriving on the art room counter. I’m hoping they move under the counter soon.

I wrote a post on the Farmgirl Flair site yesterday.

Yesterday’s Homemaking Challenge was the kitchen, and we re-organized the stuff on the counters. I also bought Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner and can’t wait to try mopping with it. Honest!

While looking up the link for Mrs. Meyer’s, I discovered they now have those plug-in diffuser thingies!

Happy things are happening this Spring! ‘Tis the season of growth and new life.


And now I must be off to chore-doing. Have a great Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Randomness, and various other sundry things…

  1. Oh, this fantastic piX of the eggs and hens’ identity crisis made me laugh! Popped over to farmgirls and read your post there ~ nicely done. Do you mind if I ask a Q? When you cut a silhouette from black paper, do you use an eXacto blade, or tiny scissors? I’m curious to know which tool you find easier to work with for utlra fine cutwork.


  2. Hi diXymiss!

    Yes, those silly hens! I never cease to be amazed at the tiny pullet eggs… especially when the “pullets” are old ladies!

    I use both scissors and an X-Acto. I tend to use scissors on outer edges and the knife for the little slices and tiny holes inside. I really prefer to cut with scissors, stress-wise. It’s much more relaxed for me. However, I’m faster with the X-Acto and use it for large cuttings that are too big to hold upright in my hands. Using the craft knife a lot, with lots of pressure, is rough on the neck & shoulder!

    Kim 🙂

  3. ThanX for answering my Q! Here’s where my ambideXtrous ways get interesting… I write with my left hand, but cut (scissors) with my right. After reading your reply, I was curious to see which hand would perform better with an X-Acto. So, I just went rummaging through boXes to find a blade and give it a try. Guess what? Leftie won. That was uneXpected. I thought it would be right (like scissors), but left had more control. Weird, huh?

    I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate your artisitic inspiration, Kim. ThanX again!


  4. I’m trying to figure out why you want your worms to go under the counter. Are you composting? You’ll have to bug over to my blog to read about our worms, then you’ll understand my confusion.

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