March Journaling Ideas!

…Now that March is nearly over! Sorry it’s late, but this first year is an experiment!


Haven’t posted in the last week or so. Just been a little busy with life, I guess. Been doing some home-maky sorts of things like experimenting with bread baking again. I’ve made several batches, including a basic bread, the basic with Italian spices and garlic added in,  the basic with flax seed and oatmeal added, and a sponge-type multi-grain batch. The gluten didn’t develop well in the sponge batch and it was rather crumbly. I’ve not had much luck using 100% fresh-ground flour either. To get the bread to hold together for sandwich slicing, I almost always need to use a couple of cups of store-bought flour. It has been fun to mess around with it again, though!

Still not seeing any signs of green things popping up in my washtubs. It’s been a little chilly, though, so maybe they’re waiting until we get a few warm days! Kate has ordered her worms, and is looking forward to meeting her new little pets!

Kate’s also been busy with music and program planning, and we’ve all been trying to work hard to prepare for the spring & summer busy-ness ahead. And just taking things one day at a time!

And we’ve been reading aloud… First we read The Lamplighter, and we just finished A Basket of Flowers, and now we’re working on A Peep Behind the Scenes. We love the Lamplighter Books… our girls got hooked on them when they were young, and for a while we sold them in the store. They are incredible read-alouds, and I can’t say enough about them!

And Jo finally has normal internet access and has posted some new pic’s of our grandboy, Jack! He’s growing fast, the little bugger! Looks like he’s inherited the photography bug… or he could just be teething and Jo’s lens cap was within reach!

Okay all, have a great day!

3 thoughts on “March Journaling Ideas!

  1. Another great monthly art journal page!
    I clicked over to Jo’s to see your grandboy….what a QT!! You must be so tickled to be a Gram. I’d love to hear about being a Gram.


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