The Garden Bug has bitten…

It actually bit about two weeks ago. When I should have been doing other things, I began to ponder compost. Our giant sized pile has gotten out of hand, so I was doing lots of thinking about disassembling it (and using it in the garden, of course!) and starting a new, more manageable compost system. Those sometimes outloud thoughts led to some discussions with Kate, who in turn began pondering worms. To the point of, if she raised oodles of them, how she would sell them. Kate was the first one to go out and play in the dirt, and she has one raised row all ready for seeds. Last week was too cold, but today my Dad was busy pruning fruit trees and such, and I needed something to occupy my mind with this afternoon, so I headed outside.  The main accomplishment for today was to remove mum remains from my three washtub planters just outside the back door, get rid of the weeds and unwanted roots, and add potting soil and compost to fill the tubs. I used an entire bag of fresh potting soil in the large tub, mostly because the plan for that one was to broadcast a lettuce mix and I like to know that we’re truly eating lettuce! Another tub was planted with “Peas in a Pot” peas… a version that is suited to container gardening, and the last waas broadcast with spinach. Springtime salads are on their way!


My 2008 gardening goal is to start small enough that I can actually keep up with it. I usually get overwhelmed somewhere around June, and by July the weeds have won. BUT, one should always keep trying to improve!

Oreo helped by walking through the lettuce bed at least once, and then by chewing on the chrysanthemum carcasses.  I think you can see her little footprints in the first picture. Hmmm… I’ll have to do something about keeping her out!


A quick walk around the property gave me some more garden activities… start some cuttings from the fallen-over apple trees,  check for asparagus and spruce up the asparagus bed, get the wasp nest out of the hand pump before the wasps wake up, and do SOMETHING with the blackberries and raspberries that have gone crazy.

Anyway, spring fever has officially hit, and maybe I’ll get something accomplished around here while it lasts!

Have a great Monday!

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