Goodness, it’s been a while!

Well, the store’s officially back open, and we were really hustling to get some things finished up before Kate’s special program on Sunday. Monday we all just crashed. Tuesday we perked up a bit, and then Wednesday we were back in business!

I’ve gotten a bit more added to Hudson’s General Store’ website… including some “In the Store” photos, just before the ladies descended upon it! Also slowly adding some links and pictures to the “Needful Stuff” page. It’s looking good, despite our non-professional-web-designer status!

While visiting Williamsburg a while back, I found a great book on the folk art of rural Pennsylvania, and have been looking at these two images from what appears to be redware plates. At first, they sort of reminded me of the old Rueben and Rachel poem…

Rueben, Rueben, I’ve been thinking
What a fine world this would be,
If the men were all transported
Far beyond the northern sea.

Rachel, Rachel, I’ve been thinking
If the men should take that trip,
All the women in Creation
Would surely follow, the next ship.


I can’t translate the German, so I have no idea what that first gal is telling the gentleman, but it sure looks like the poor fellow is getting quite an earful! My favorite is the second image, where he looks sort of like he’s promising her the world, but she’s not quite sure if he’ll keep his word! Upon sketching that one out, the folksong, “Come All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens” kept coming to mind…

Come all ye fair and tender ladies,
Take warning how you court young men,
They’re like a star on a summer’s morning,
They’ll first appear and then they’re gone.

Anyway, after having some fun swirling all these thoughts around in my brain, the second picture has inspired a papercutting, and here is the cut, but not yet painted, version. I’ve got a nice spot for a verse of prose, but haven’t quite settled upon what will end up there…

Any ideas?

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