Compass Work!

Hello Everyone!Much of today has been spent on odds & ends… scanning things into the computer, working on sketches for the store newsletter, getting Easter cards ready for printing, finishing up a few frames that needed glued, etc., etc., etc.BUT! I wanted to share with you a few drawings that are products of the “compass drawn heart” post! Kate got hold of one of the sample hearts I had drawn, and did a quick doodle…


And the other day, diXymiss’s piXies drew some really great examples!This Baby Vulture is by D., age 11… I was amazed by her creativity in seeing past an ostrich and creating this cute little vulture! (And it’s not easy to make vultures cute!) Great job D.! And it looks like you used the compass to make the pupils in his eyes too!

And big sister M., age 14, drew this colorful heart using the compass… and then (I am really impressed!) filled it with more compass drawn circles! I like how she used secondary colors where they overlap… really neat use of color theory! Thanks a bunch M. for contributing! It looks great!
Well, I guess I’d better get back to work! Have a great night!

3 thoughts on “Compass Work!

  1. Wow, what a thrill! The piXies are soooo eXcited to see their doodles featured here, Miss Kim. Well, eXcept for little sis who now regrets she didn’t participate ~ eXcellent motivation for neXt time! Many thanX for the fun lesson and gracious post.

    diXymiss & piXies

  2. Nicely done! Two thumbs up. I really like it.

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    and satisfy your curiosity.

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