To dispel all myths…

… that I am organized! (This is for you, Kathy!)


This is the view from my kitchen table… the art room is very conveniently located down three steps. When we’re working hard, the flat surfaces of our house look something like this, because migration into the kitchen, family room, and living room is so easy! That’s when I really dread having surprise guests stop by, but over the years, I have learned to just make light of it and offer them some coffee & a muffin. And then frantically clear a place for them to set it down! (No matter how messy the house is, we usually manage to have some goodies around… I can work for hours on coffee and a muffin!)


We did have quite the problem the past couple of days… a very important gizmo broke at our house. The septic pump. An older couple at church had their well run dry, and had just gotten water again Sunday morning, and then that night we discovered we had the opposite problem. Plenty of water, but no place for it to go! Thank goodness we live next to my parents! It took nearly 24 hours to get the tank pumped, and then (another miracle!) my Dad just happened to have a spare pump in his shed, so the guys replaced it. Not a fun job. Thank goodness for hubbies and dads that can do these sorts of things! (I offered them something to eat while they were working, but they just laughed!)

Have a great Tuesday… we have a busy day ahead, so I’m off!

3 thoughts on “To dispel all myths…

  1. What a fantastic art room/studio space! Just look at all that natural light. It’s so warm, cozy and inviting. Love the wall words, the shelving, the sink, the rag rug, the wooden cubbies… (dreamy sigh). Idyllic! How blessed you are to have such a delightful space in which to create!

    diXymiss (green w/envy)

  2. Hi diXmiss & Michelle,

    I do love the room… and it’s been a big blessing to have it right in the middle of our living space. That’s where I work most of the time anyway, so having an upstairs, out of the way studio just wasn’t practical!

    Kim 🙂

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