Finally in frames…

Hello All!

You should see my artroom… and kitchen table… and any other flat surface downstairs. We’ve got frames in every possible state of “done-ness,” silhouettes from historic people to flutter-by’s, squares of candy colored papers, stacks of glass, sawdust that followed Chris in from the barn, and snips of paper that fell off Kim’s lap. Pretty much everywhere.

Creativity is not necessarily tidy.

However. In spite of the mess… or perhaps because of the mess?… things are being created and put into frames. Pretty things. It’s fun to take a couple of weeks away from our normal painted artwork to just work on silhouettes, and we’ve been able to get a good start on our Spring stock. Keep an eye on my Etsy shop, as we put things on there… and if you’re nearby, be sure to stop in the store to see what’s new!



4 thoughts on “Finally in frames…

  1. I LOVE the dragonfly & butterfly!!!

    (Oh, and those chocolate sweetheart candies were really good… the chocolate Necco’s are my favorite!)

    Love you! 🙂

  2. Thanks Ladies! Don’t you love how the swallow took an upward dive in the scanner?

    diXymiss, Chris makes almost all of them. We’ve bought the mini frames for many years, but now can’t get any more, and after this batch we’ll be making them. I’ve only got a few empty ones left. He’s got 5/8″ molding ready to go!

    Jo… they were my favorites too! Dad gladly relinquished them! Love you too!

    And the dragonfly is one of my favorites… I’d like to do a slightly larger one and put in all the wing detail, but didn’t want to work that tight in a mini. The antennae were bad enough!

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