A Creative Couple of Days…

Yesterday and today, I was able to spend some time sketching and creating a few new silhouette designs for Spring! I’ve had Success to the Farmer on the brain the past couple of months, and have also felt a pull to incorporate more color into the spring line (What me? Color? That’s a no brainer!). Yesterday, while playing with silhouettes and frames and some decorative papers, things just sort of “came together.” These guys are destined to be in black frames… which are still tacky with varnish on the art room table at present… but I just couldn’t wait to show you! And yes, black frames… black is “the new white” for spring this year. It makes sense in my mind, anyway, and looks sort of clean and sleek. The background papers will vary, but these are the very first editions, made from the only acceptable piece of paper in our collection. We headed off to the craft store yesterday afternoon to gather some more, and Chris was very helpful and patient about picking them out!


And a couple more…The underground worm was Kate’s idea! And Many Many Many thanks to Kate and Sara Jane for their enthusiastic offer to paint frame while movie watching! Sara, don’t you want to come watch movies again next week?! You’re welcome anytime!

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