Art Journaling Resources!

Hello everyone! Before I begin rambling, I thought I’d list a few really good resources for art journaling! Some of these you may be able to find at the library, so you can peruse them to see if they’re something you want to purchase.

The book that really got me started with art Journaling:

The Student’s Guide to Keeping an Art Journal by Barry Stebbing

And another great journaling resource for homeschooling families:

The Gift of Family Writing by Jill Novack

And another favorite… it does have some “spookety” pictures (scary fairies and goblins) on a couple of the pages toward the back, but it’s a great visual resource:

How to Keep a Sketchbook Journal by Claudia Nice

This one has a more loose, sketchy feel to it, but it is a great resource for page layout ideas:

Create Your Own Artist’s Journal by Erin O’Toole

For those who are into nature journaling, there are several really great resources:

Keeping a Nature Journal by Claire Leslie & Charles Roth

Wild Days: Creating Discovery Journals by Karen Skidmore Rackliffe

And for those who wish to journal with a historical bent… this is one of my favorites, and is quite “dog-eared” I must admit! And we know a couple of the folks in the sketches, which adds to the thrill!:

Living History: Drawing on the Past by Cathy Johnson

There are SO MANY resources out there! These are all of the “how to” sort of books, full of methods and ideas for art journaling, what to take with you into the field, how to design a page, etc. You may want to find a good resource for inspiration purposes, but the most important thing to do is…

Just do it!

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re good at drawing or not, or if you have the perfect art journaling plan or not, or if you have all the tools you need or not. Grab a pencil and some paper, and try your hand at sketching something! Allot a few minutes each day to doodle, and don’t get mad at yourself if it doesn’t turn out the way your mind’s eye had imagined. Drawing is a learned skill and improves greatly with practice. Yes, there are a few very talented folks out there that it just comes naturally to, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world can’t learn to draw well if they devote a little time & effort to learning the basics. You can do it!

(Jumping down off my soapbox.)

Back to real life… Kate & I worked most of the morning yesterday on organizing those cubbies! What joy! The very large cubby under the stairs still needs some shelves, but hubby is going to build them in for the large items like crockpots and griddles. It is the cutest little space, and was ingenious of the men (my dad, my hubby, and hubby’s dad built our house!) to make that space usable! The little door was a great attraction to little people who would come to visit our home… they always asked to peek inside, I guess because it was just their size!


All our canned goods used to be under there, and when I had little people at home, it was the perfect place to keep them… I could send someone smaller than me into the cubby to retrieve needed items or to put away groceries. Then Jo grew to be taller than me. Then Kate caught up to me in height, and since then, nobody really fits into that little cubby without some difficulty. So, if we put things in there that we only use once a week or so, we girls will be happier on a daily basis.

Informal Poll: How do you pronounce “cubby?” In my “I twice taught phonics” mind, it rhymes with “hubby” and thus should have a short “u” sound in the middle. On all the decorating shows, they call them “coobies,” which really confuses me. Just wondering if I’ve been pronouncing it wrong my whole life, or what. (However, I’m not sure it really matters, because “coobie” is just one word I can’t convince myself to say.)

Have a great Tuesday!

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