Sunday…umm…Monday Sketching…

Yesterday didn’t afford me much time for sketching. I did a lot of card printing and folding before anyone woke up, and we made a command decision to stay home for the morning, and just spent some much needed family time. Then we took Kate to work and ran errands (see below!) in that area for the three hours she was at the museum. Sundays are usually very relaxed there, and she and a co-worker had actually planned to work together so they could practice irish whistle, but alas… in only three hours, they had 32 visitors! Perhaps museums are the thing to do when it’s seriously bitter outside! I know we surely didn’t want to be outside much, and instead of opting to shop the outlets for new sheets, hubby & I hibernated inside a bookstore for the last 45 minutes of our wait for Kate! We almost made it out without a purchase… I was looking seriously at a new papercutting book but it was $25, and I didn’t quite want to spend that much on a whim. Chris was checking out a $20 book about planning houses, which I told him to get but he didn’t. Then, on the way out, there were two little books by Eric Sloane… an artist and historian we both love, and we got them both for under $10. Not necessary, but “Needful,” and well within the “whim” budget.Mama moment… Kate says she wishes she’s get some comments on her new blog! Any takers? Tell her that her Mom sent you!:-PErrands included going back to Lowe’s to return some racks I bought the other day that weren’t what I was expecting them to be. And I had a whole list of goodies from the organizing area to pick up! Hubby helped, and we came home with some treasures! I had picked up a couple of things on Friday, which he installed right away, and then last night he installed the rest… more to come, too! I’ll have an entire new pantry system by the end of the week! And nothing out of pocket, as we were using gift cards from Christmas. Usually they go to tools or something like that, but this year we’re using them for some organizational and sprucing up projects. And, I’m a very happy woman.img_0505.jpgThrough the magic of flash photography, I just discovered another place that needs a little cleaning. Please ignore the flluff in the bottom lefthand corner of the cupboard, and just take in the splendor of empty racks waiting to be filled with beautiful, reachable canned goods!:-)We went to dinner at hubby’s parents, and got home after 9… and Chris commenced to installing what we had bought. So, I attempted to do some Sunday Sketching. I didn’t last long, and was snoozing on the couch pretty soon. My eyes were just plain done.Did get a little bit done last night, though, and this morning, when I sat down with my coffee, there was the picture sitting waiting for some final touches. I think I’m going to proclaim it finished.candledippingfinal_1_1.jpgNot really happy with the background. Did end up adding a bit of ink details… it didn’t seem “finished” without them. But, it is done, and now I can move on to other things!I will be adding more about art journaling soon… perhaps tonight! Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!Oh! I just found out my bio made it onto the Farmgirl Flair site!

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