January organizing…

Shew! January always gets me in the organizing mode. This year, it’s been more of a “finish unfinish projects” start to the new year. Hubby & I did lots of little framing jobs yesterday, and he’s out sanding more as I type. I thought it was high time for a cup of java and some chocolate.


As far as homemaking goes, the downstairs has had my attention this week. After finding the master bedroom, I thought it might be nice to recover the living areas. Every day, we’ve organized another spot, de-cluttered a little, and cleaned as much as possible. My one official resolution for 2008 is to finish what I start, right down to the putting away of it. I figure if I use that motto on everything new that I do, then eventually it will catch up with everything else, and all will hopefully be semi-neat. Think it’ll work?

IN the cleaning up downstairs process I found my desk!!!!


Isn’t it the nicest desk? I love it. Chris made it for me YEARS ago. It has a huge built-in light box, which was the initial reason he built it… have you ever checked into the prices of light boxes? Yikes! I wanted one of them before the scrapbooking craze came out and the tiny ones were made available to normal people for reasonable prices. I took a cartography course in college, and the lab had these huge light boxes that were meant for architects and graphic artists, so I knew they existed. When I started papercutting and wanted to trace designs on rainy days, (on sunny days I used to tape the pattern to a window!) we went lightbox searching. I found a small one, about the size of a sheet of paper, for nearly $100. We bought it, because I was VERY pregnant, making even sunny day pattern tracing difficult. One can only get so close to a window when very pregnant. And very pregnant ladies tend to get grumpy, so Chris thought it was a good investment. What a sweet hubby.


I’m not a “sit at the desk” all day sort of artist, and enjoy the portability of papercutting. One can papercut in the car (Hubby reads aloud signs that say things like “bump ahead.” Dear man.), while watching movies (the light at my side of the couch could double as an interrogation lamp!), and at the store (within reach of the counter… but I often beg customers to hang on just a second while I finish painting this flower…). However, my desk is used daily, to trace patterns, flip patterns to get a mirror image, and do calligraphy. And it’s usually piled sky high with current projects and projects I forgot about long ago. I found a few of those today!

Also finished a set of silhouettes and the grandmother of the three children picked them up this morning! I just realized I forgot to scan them framed, (rats.) so here they are in their unfinished state. They did turn out great, though. Honest.


In other news, we’ve been working on some re-organizing of the business, with new ideas and plans for the year. Unveiling very soon!

Have a great Saturday!

One thought on “January organizing…

  1. Your work space is so peaceful! I love it! And the silhouettes are so lovely. I have a set of my husband, myself & our oldest son when he was just a wee babe. They are treasures! I was so excited to see the art still alive in your work!


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