Making your home a haven…

Crystal has renewed the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge… but it looks to me that it’s going to be a Monday thing instead of a daily thing. Much easier for me to keep up with! And Monday is a very timely day to give the house a little extra sprucing up, especially since Mondays always seem to follow a weekend, and weekends always tend to leave the house just a little bit in need of sprucing! I love her reminder to spend time refreshing our spirit as well as to set a plan for the day. Today was especially nice to plan, because there were no plans already in place. Just me & the house. And a master bedroom in great need of sprucing. Sorry, no “before” pictures.



Finally got the new bedspread and shams all nicely put on the bed.


And did some dusting… this is an antique crock made into a lamp. I begged my Mom for it when we got married, and she let me have it. Most likely from Pennsylvania, it has a courting couple painted on it. Just thought I’d share… it’s one of my favorite treasures!


And of course a little romance never hurts. πŸ™‚

It was nice to clear away the dust bunnies and to get rid of the accumulation of holiday things we’ve been tripping over. Our room is the mid-way point between the attic and the rest of the house, so it tends to pile up every time there is a transition like Christmas decorating. WE were the things going “bump” in the night every time we tried to make our way through the bedroom in the dark! Now, as long as we clear the bedposts, our toes have no need to fear! When hubby dear came home this afternoon, his comment was “Wow!”

And of course, the cycle has begun again…


More frames to put together, and some new little Valentine cuttings!

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