Joyful Tidings…

The past few days have been rather busy, rather eventful, and rather joyful! The air is full of romance and wedding bells and Christmas music and lots of laughter with old friends. Bec & Dave’s wedding was beautiful… literally standing room only… and the reception took place in a snowy winter forest. We grown-ups had so much fun at our table that the young people were pulling their chairs up to see what they were missing out on!

Today was the annual Olde Christmas Musical Celebration at historic Prince George’s Chapel. Though a broken printer threatened to throw me for a loop first thing (well, to be honest, it actually did throw me for quite a loop), a dear Saint at the Staples copier center saved the day… I think he saw the desperation in my eyes! After we overed that molehill, the program turned out to be one of the most beautiful we’ve ever attended at the chapel. The mix of musical styles was amazing, and everyone worked together so well. The chapel is so beautiful, and I’m so glad that the community is still able to gather there to worship in a place where our forefathers worshipped more than two hundred years ago.

The other day, when we took our new grocery store field trip, I picked up a copy of Victoria magazine as an after-the-holidays treat to myself. Inside I discovered an article about another papercutter, and was so intrigued by her style that I looked her up… and met a very precious person! If you love papercutting, please go check out Sharyn Sowell’s website! Her silhouettes are absolutely lovely, and I love the way she mixes different papers and printed materials into her work. And her blog is very uplifting and sweet… and brave, for she even shared pictures of her desk! (Oh dear, I’m not that brave! Mine is an absolute mess right now!) It’s always so inspiring to get to see someone else’s artwork and even better when they let you peak into their studio! And the icing on the cake is when you find out they’re a kindred spirit.


And my pencils came! Just in time for me to sharpen them and tuck them into the mini-van with us for our drive to the wedding! I got to doodle a little with the graphitint pencils. Nothing grand, but enough to begin to get a feel for how to use them. One thing I really like about watercolor pencils is their portability. Grab a jar of pencils (or a tin… the new ones are still in their original box), a paintbrush, a sketchbook, and a small bottle of water and you’re in business. Hopefully I’ll get some time to do a little more doodling in the next few days!


Hope your Sunday was restful and that you have a great week ahead!

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