How do the days go by so fast?

Yikes. Last time I checked it was Sunday. And now it’s Thursday. Time flies when your having fun, I guess!

Mom, Kate, & I took a field trip to a fancy new grocery store. Both households had $10 off coupons if we spent $40, and there were lots of specials offered, so we thought it would be good just to check it out, and didn’t think we’d have a problem spending $40 to get $10 off. And we did. Nearly twice $40. Each. Said fancy grocery store did have some snazzy things, including nearly 1/4 of an aisle of olive oils. We were all wondering how we managed to spend so much, even though each individual item was indeed a good price. Then we went to lunch and went home. And then it dawned on both Mom & I at nearly the same time. WE FORGOT TO USE THE COUPON!


I’m still waiting for my pencils to show up, but it’s probably a good thing that they didn’t come yet, because I would most likely goof around instead of getting some things done that need doing. Currently working on a couple of wedding presents. And silhouettes of some really cute children. And a sweet Valentine cutting… hopefully I’ll have pictures of it up before next week.

And before I check out for the evening, I wanted to share with you something we bought for Kate for Christmas…


It was made by Lesley of Small Meadow Press and is a little notebook and task cards to be used for daily time management. Very, very sweet, as is everything that Small Meadow Press offers for sale! I’ve checked out Lesley’s work for several years now, and finally got around to ordering some things for Christmas for both Kate & my Mom. The package came with lovely papers pasted on the outside, and inside was an extra treat of a lavender sachet.

And there are new pictures of our sweet little grandbaby… and also of our beautiful oldest daughter and her hubby…. check out their flick’r! Isn’t Jack the cutest little bug you’ve ever seen?


Have a great night!

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