Sunday Sketching…

I finally had a chance to get back to Sunday Sketching! Christmas happenings had me a little too busy to sit still and draw, but this evening, while we were watching a couple of old movies, I pulled out the Prismacolors and worked a little…candledippingthree.jpgThe man is starting to come to life, and the pot is about as black as I can get it. Lots of contrast there, since the man is washed in sunlight. Worked a little more on the background, which helped make the subject “pop” out to the foreground. The “outliner” in me really wants to get the Micron Pigma pens out and add edges and details, but I’m trying to use only the pencils. We’ll see if I manage to restrain myself! I also may end up cropping the background, as it is quite time-consuming and not all of it is neccessary to the compostition. Kate thinks I should go for an off-center subject, and I think she might be right. I definitely like working with the Prismacolors, but to get a rich, painterly effect really takes a lot of time!Chris gave me an Art Supply Warehouse gift certificate for Christmas, and it didn’t take long to use it. 🙂 I ordered two more sets of pencils by Derwent… their new Inktense watercolor pencils and their new Graphitint pencils. Cannot wait until they arrive. The Inktense are supposed to be very intense colors when wet, and the graphitint are very subtle… like graphite pencils with a hint of color. Can’t wait to play with them!Well, I guess it’s off to bed! Tomorrow’s going to be a very looooong day!

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