Hidden Treasures…

… Or long forgotten ones.

One of my Christmas presents this year was an 1948 edition of the Rumford Complete Cook Book.


A treasure, to be sure. And even more treasures were folded inside! The original owner didn’t inscribe her name, but she tucked in recipes and tidbits of information all throughout the book. Little snips from magazines or box tops, hastily scribbled ingredient lists that assumed the reader knew what to do with them, and an Ag Extension information sheet on how to properly iron a man’s shirt! My absolute favorite item is below… a 1958 brochure for the “Rural Women’s Short Course.” Here it is, below. I wonder if they still offer them, because I would like to go. It’s a bargain at only $20 for the week!



Having been a 4-H leader and Mom for several years, I did get to spend some time rumaging through the file cabinets at the Ag Extension, and they had some really neat stuff tucked in there! I had to continually make myself stick to the projects our girls and our club were working on. What was really sad to me, was that all the brochures were being updated for a more modern image… and I wanted to salvage all the old fashioned ones!

Anyway, today the post-Christmas tidying up continues, with some divvying up and freezing of foods, catching up on ignored laundry, and staying on top of incoming items. Hopefully I’ll get some time to sketch this afternoon, or work on a couple of orders that I put off until after Christmas. Have a great Friday!

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