Back after a crazy couple of weeks!

Hi All!

Hope your Christmas was wonderful! Ours was pretty good, but we were all missing Jo, Luke, and Jack very much! Mixing up our normal Christmas routine was a help, though, and we kept ourselves very busy! Christmas Eve was spent finishing up a couple of presents and getting the house ready for company. (Creativity is not necessarily tidy. Favorite quote. I spread out when I work, and I happened to be working all over the house!) Then we had dinner at Mom & Dad’s house. It was their very first Christmas in the new house, and it was a challenge for Mom to figure out where to put all her normal decorations. We finally convinced Mom to put out her glass ornament collection! She’s collected handblown glass ornaments since I was a teenager, and my brother and I, and eventually my hubby & the girls would search each year for an interesting ornament for her! It’s a very large collection, though, and getting them all out and safely on a tree is not easy. I think it’s been quite few years since she got them out. Here’s the tree…


And an upcloseandpersonal view!


I finally gave up on the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge. 😛 I was still working on it, but wasn’t able to get any posts written during the second week. Anyway, here are the long-awaited pictures of our decorations! We went very simply this year, and used the Moravian Tree as our “tree”…


We didn’t keep those candles lit very long! It sort of felt like we had one of the Victorian trees lit with real candles… and I wondered if we should have kept a fire-bucket close at hand!

And the paper churches… at least a few of them! Never did get any pine or greenery in the house.


I’m going to update the Gallery and our Home Page next… keep your eyes out for new and exciting things!

A very Merry CHRISTmas and a blessed New Year to you all!


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