Trying to keep on track…

… with the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge!Although we had a busy morning and we all had to be on the road early! I didn’t get to the chore cards today, but I did tackle the kitchen and plan dinner. Tonight was Penny Casserole (fancy name for hot dogs and baked beans… and Jo was probably very glad to not be eating dinner here tonight!), orange noodles (boxed mac & cheese, which were dubbed “orange noodles” by our girls many moons ago), corn, and applesauce. I was actually planning on peas, which would have made dinner a little more colorful (very important in 4-H judging!), but alas, we were out of them (Kate says “thank goodness!”) and corn had to be substituted.

Oh! When we went on a house tour a few weeks back, I glanced at a very interesting book shelf. It was packed with oodles of books I would have liked to peruse, but one title stood out to me… “Drawing Closer” by Carolyn Bish. I wanted to pull it off the shelf to see if it was about drawing, but I refrained myself to only jotting down the title and author on my house tour ticket. Later that night, I looked it up, and then clicked the infamous “buy with one click” button. 😛 I then promptly put it out of my mind. However, the book arrived today, and it was such a joy to read. I have a new favorite artist to add to my list… Carolyn’s art is beautiful, and her spirit is too! Thought I’d share a quote with you… probably more to come!

“Purple alone is pretty, but place mint green alongside and the purple becomes glorious. Sometimes we need to be a green in a purple person’s life.”

Thought you all would like that! Have a good night!

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