Hello everyone! It seems like this week the only computer time I’m getting is just before bed! Now for Day Four of the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge…


I didn’t get up as early this morning, so the only refreshment was family devotions. However, I did get to meditate on Proverbs 3:5&6 this evening. I’ll tell you that story at the end of the post!


Make Coffee!
Pack Lunches!
Family Devotions!
Chore Cards!
Shower & Dress!

Work on Christmas Decorating!
Put things in attic & take more things down!
Work on Christmas orders!

Still not quite getting to those two unfinished things on my list! We do have a special outing planned for this weekend: a Christmas House Tour that we always go to with a whole gaggle of folks. It’s one of our favorite tours…. lots of music! There’s a family that sings carols in one of the churches, and in the other church we get to hear either a man playing hammered dulcimer or a group of mountain dulcimer players!


Kept working on laundry, and swiped the downstairs bathroom. “Clean bathroom” is on one of our daily chore cards, and we usually give one or the other a lick and a promise, so they’re never really terribly dirty. The tub is my nemesis, though, and usually hubby helps me by scrubbing it. Especially in papercutting season… I really mess up my neck and shoulder from the strain of doing so many papercuttings. Whoda thunk that papercutting could be hazardous to your health?


Just a thought I thought I’d share… I posted back a while about our chore cards, and thought I’d explain a little in this post, since they keep coming up! We have a stack of little cards with tasks on them, and we go through them each morning. However, we don’t do them all every morning. Some are definite dailies, like making the beds, but some we sort of glance at and make a quick mental note whether or not they actually need doing. The chore cards are great reminders, but we don’t stress over them!

And now my Bible verse meditation story!

A customer and family friend commisioned a papercutting that had Proverbs 3:5&6 on it. We went over ideas, and I designed one and showed it to her, and she decided she needed two of them! I started the second, and about two weeks ago began the framing process. As I was gluing the second one down on matboard, I noticed that I had left off an ink detail in one spot. I had a little bit of glue on my fingers, so I went and quickly washed my hands before touching the papercutting, so I wouldn’t mess it up. And then I quickly dried my hands. TOO quickly. As soon as I touched the papercutting, I felt a small amount of dampnes between me and it. I lifted my hand up quickly, and yup, you guessed it, I had smudged the calligraphy. Yikes. I had to start it completely over, and when I got the replacement all painted, I just let it sit for a few days until I got up enough nerve to re-do the calligraphy. That’s the most nerve-wracking part of my job! And believe me, when I do calligraphy, I seriously have to meditate on the verse!

Anyway, tonight I sat myself down and made myself do it, and it went extremely well. Chris helped me frame them immediately before I could do any more damage! So, here is the finished product… the design will make a great certificate for announcing twins!


Have a great night!

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