Frugal Friday?

Hmmm… Crystal combined her Making Your Home a Haven Challenge with Frugal Fridays and Family Fun for Day 5. I go back and forth with frugality, depending on the state of our busy lives. Some weeks are better than others.

One fun frugal family thing we’ve done lately is to try to keep our trips to McD’s under $10 for the three of us by eating only from the dollar menu.

Another is to make huge batches of cookies we like, roll them into balls, and freeze them. I can have yummy homemade cookies in minutes whenever we have unexpected company! By the time the coffee is perked, the cookies are done!

And a Family Fun idea… work together! We have many family framing sessions… either painting frames or putting pictures together. If everybody keeps a good attitude about it, we have a lot of fun. This time of year, we’ll often listen to fun Christmas music while working.

And dinner with grandparents… which we’re heading over for any minute!


Have a great night!

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