Wednesday doings…

Today was slightly busy at the store, but I was able to get a new papercutting designed and cut. I just can’t show it, because it’s for Christmas and they might peek! I woke up rather early again, so was able to get a good start this morning, but then Kate & I got sidetracked with good conversation, so not as much got finished before the store opened. And it snowed!!! Only a couple of sloppy inches, but it’s snow before Christmas, which is a very good thing, in my opinion. My mom, an extreme snow lover got phone calls all day long from folks that know how much she loves it. Fun! And the guys (Hubby & Dad) came home early. Chris chatted for a while with us at the store, and then headed to the shop for more frame making. He’s a really good sport.


I think later tonight Kate is planning on a “snow” post. With pictures.

Today is Day Three of the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge! Here goes… Better late than never!

Psalms 4, 5, & 6

Especially grateful today for God’s Word, my family, and my home!


  1. Make Coffee!
  2. Pack Lunches!
  3. Family Devotions!
  4. Chore Cards!
  5. Shower & Dress!
  6. Work on Christmas Decorating!
  7. Put things in attic & take more things down!
  8. Work on Christmas orders!

We made a grand effort despite our sidetracking ourselves. Still more to do this evening! We did plan dinner, but it’s not a “do ahead” sort of dinner. We decided to skip the soup & sandwich and do breakfast for dinner tonight. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, & OJ. Heading to start it as soon as I post this!


Laundry is about half finished. We usually do a load each day, but had ignored it since the weekend, so Crystal’s assignment was rather timely!

So… off to fix dinner, finish laundry and then work on papercuttings and maybe watch a movie or listen to the Lamplighter being read. Depends on how tired Chris is when he comes in!

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful!”

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