If you give a mouse a cookie…

… he’s gonna want a glass of milk.

Okay, I may have mixed up the saying a little. It’s been a long time since I’ve read that children’s book! The idea behind it, is if you start something, often it snowballs into other things! Yesterday, I determined to put out the little paper churches. And I did. But also in the trunk were my Christmas plates, which go on the hutch in the kitchen that Chris built for me. So decorating another area was started. What wasn’t in the trunk were the votives, sprigs of greenery, Christmas books and a variety of other things we normally put on the two hutches. I started to get the votive cups out, but they were filled with remnants of last year’s candles. So I melted the remains, cleaned them, and put new votives and tea lights in them. And put away the doo-dads that were on the two hutches before I decided to put out the little paper churches. All that effort not only filled last evening, but this morning as well! The pictures will have to wait until I find all the stuff I need to finish!

I also discovered that I’m not quite following the rules for the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge! So I will make a concerted effort to follow them a little more closely. Here goes…

I woke very early this morning, and was able to have a quiet time before anyone woke up, and read the first three Psalms.


  1. Make Coffee!
  2. Pack Lunches!
  3. Family Devotions!
  4. Chore Cards!
  5. Shower & Dress!
  6. Work on Christmas Decorating!
  7. Go Christmas Shopping with Mom!
  8. Get Groceries!


I did do the above list. I didn’t see the official assignment until I got home tonight, so for the official living room clean-up, I’m going to put away the pile of loot we brought home from shopping. It IS in the middle of the living room floor, so I think that’s an appropriate response.


Have a great night everyone!

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