Two Posts in One Day!

Why? Well, Crystal Paine at Biblical Womanhood posted a Making Your Home a Haven Challenge, and it starts today, and I thought it would be a good thing to do, and I didn’t want to start off a day behind.


I pretty much already have a list of things to do each morning, but I’d say the first five things are:

1. Make Coffee! (Very important first thing to do.)
2. Pack Lunches!
3. Family Devotions!
4. Chore Cards!
5. Shower & Dress!

#4 is actually cheating a little, because it involves multiple things, but we have to do most of them each day, and between Kate & me, we have them down to a science. Now it’s a challenge for us to just start doing them, and then flip through the cards to see if we did it all.

Family Devotions… usually Our Daily Bread… help us all get refreshed each day, but I also take a quiet time with the Lord with a cup of coffee or tea later in the morning when I have some free time to myself. Five minutes is not enough, though!

The “Do Something” challenge is a great reminder! It’s funny… when the girls were little I always had them stand at the door and see what a visitor or the UPS guy would see, and then do a quick pick-up according to what problems they saw. Usually for us, it’s picking up the flat surfaces within reach of the door. Our kitchen table and the family room coffee table have an amazing ability to collect piles of things, and just giving them a little attention can make drastic “first impression” improvements.

Because we haven’t even begun to decorate for Christmas, today’s “Do Something” is going to be to put out my little paper church collection in the Music Room. That’s probably my easiest Christmas collection to put out, since we keep it hidden in a trunk in that same room. So… off to pull them out, put them up, and take a picture!

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