Coming to life…

I got to sketch a little last night while hubby was reading aloud and Kate was sewing! Chris is reading aloud The Lamplighter, which is an incredible old book that Lamplighter Publishing has reprinted. We’re actually reading from an old copy that Kate has in her collection, although we’ve bought and given the new version of that particular book several times!Kate’s working on a Christmas order, and brings her sewing machine right down into the family room, and tries to sew slowly and quietly. (If she doesn’t, we call her “Annabelle”… after my Dad’s grannie. When he was a boy, they lived beside his Dad’s parents, and for some 1950’s reason, if Grannie ran her sewing machine next door, it interrupted the TV reception at their house! Often, they’d be watching some exciting show, and then they’d hear “BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRURP” and see lots of snow, and they’d call Grannie Annabelle and ask her to stop sewing until the show was over! I had that nickname as a teen, because I’d sew upstairs over the living room, with the same fervency as my great-grannie… I’m glad to pass it on to Kate!)Anyway, here’s what I accomplished on my Sunday Sketching… it’s starting to come to life! I’m still having some trouble with the background, though. It looks like a flamestitch pattern instead of trees! I’m also trying to learn to use the white of the paper for highlights, but am saving the whitest white for the sunlit shirt.candledippingtwo.jpgI’m also not sure if I can wait for Sunday, now that it’s starting to come together!:-D

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