Sunday Sketching…

Hi All!We’ve been very busy with papercutting orders, but the past few weeks I’ve been sketching on Sundays during my free time, just for fun. It seemed like a great idea… just to draw something that wasn’t particularly for sale, to beef up on sketching skills, and to try out those fancy colored pencils I got back in August!Here’s what I’ve got so far on my first real effort…candledipping.jpgJust the line drawing and some background underlayment of color, but I’m excited that so far it’s turning out okay! I took this picture at Hay Creek over a year ago, so I need to do a little research on who this dear man actually is… he was a good sport about posing for the photo and held very still, waiting for my camera to “wake up” and let me shoot. I used a modified grid technique for the line drawing, by drawing 1/2″ squares on my paper and using a clear grid on the printed out enlarged photo. First time I’ve EVER used a grid system in my own drawing… it feels like cheating, even though oodles of artists are using it. I felt better just doing the basic outline with the grid, and then just eyeing the shadows and details. Also, the background is completely changed… trees shuffled around, people removed, etc. Way too busy.Anyway, I hope to get a few moments later today to work on it some more, and I’ll let you know if it turns out. If you never see it again, you’ll know it, um, didn’t.Happy Lord’s Day!Kim 🙂

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