We framed, we sang, we overed…

Shew! What a crazy past few days! We spent the majority of last week preparing for the Thanksgiving Weekend/Christmas Open House at the store, and cut, painted, and framed like mad. The weekend turned out to be very busy… lots of people bustling about in the store, but still with a very festive mood. Hudson’s isn’t your typical Black Friday push and shove atmosphere. Kate and Sara sang their little hearts out, and I even got to join them ocassionally! They took quite a few orders for their Christmas CD, and it is “on the presses” as of today! If anyone is interested in purchasing one, just e-mail me… they are $10 each, plus shipping.

We finally got the “Peace” cutting finished… I was really happy with the way it turned out…


And I’m adding some Christmas pictures to the gallery, so check them out!

All in all, we overed the weekend pretty well. “Overed” by the way, is a Sussex County term meaning you got through something with no major problems. We over a lot of things here.

Today involved quite a few errands, and one very sad task. We had to put down Nannie, the last of the goats that Nana Anne gave the girls. Caprine arthritis ran in their family, and each one slowly was affected by it. She began showing signs of being paralyzed yesterday, and today she couldn’t move at all. We still have one goat left… little April, who was given to us by another person and who also is our alarm clock. (There is no such thing as sleeping in with April around! She makes up for her small size with her not-so-small voice!) She doesn’t seem to be too upset or lonely so far. Perhaps the chickens will be enough company for her.


Okay, the day is still young, and I have plenty to do, so off I go!

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