Exciting Weekend!

Hi All!

Just wanted to share with you that Kate and her sidekick S. were able to finish recording their Christmas CD this past weekend! They did about two-thirds of it a week or so ago, and Saturday night they recorded the last few songs. This morning, Kate and the gentleman that did the recording worked on editing it with some really neat software, and they have the music part of it ready for reproduction! Here’s a picture of the girls singing…


Can you tell how cold it was in the chapel? Several hours of Brrrr….

It was worth freezing, though, because the accoustics in there are incredible! The sound tech elevated microphones into the vaulted ceiling area to catch the reverberations swirling around up there. The girls are hoping to have the CD ready very soon, and have been working like mad to get the graphics and technical stuff completed.

And I’m working like mad to get Christmas pictures finished for this coming weekend. Our store’s Open House is this Friday & Saturday, and we’ll be burning the midnight oil until then! A few works in progress…


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