Heavy Frost?

It’s looking like winter weather at the store… at least on my shoes! Jo & Kate will understand this post best. Every year, at this time, my shoes, often my very favorite ones, have a heavy coating of frost. It’s a little difficult to see, but for all it’s worth…


We like things glitzy at the store. That usually involves me, a can of spray adhesive, and lots of glitter, mica, and this very fine opalescent powdery fairy dusty sort of stuff. My shoes often get in the line of fire. We like to call this potent mixture “Hudson Dust.” And, I’m pretty sure, that if Mom & I were ever x-rayed this time of year, they’d probably put us into some sort of nuclear decontamination chamber, because I think on film we would sparkle. The floor, upstairs and down, has a permanent coating of this frost-like substance, our lunch is often a little glitzy, and even poor little Jack was sparkling within a day of his entrance into this world!

Oh well, we love it, and our motto is “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

Hey, ski resorts can make the fake stuff when there’s a shortage of the real stuff, so why not us!

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