Rainy Tuesday…

We’re having a wonderfully rainy Tuesday here. I know that sounds crazy, but I have always loved rainy days. They are creative days for me. Sunny days are beautiful and joyful, but one always wants to be outside, or going somewhere, or spring cleaning, or something rather industrious on sunny days. Rainy days make me feel like reading, planning, sipping tea, or doing art. I guess I feel less guilty about indulging in such pleasures when the weather is being uncooperative. Snow days are even better, because hot chocolate is added into the mix.


This morning, besides letting our maids do the laundry (as in the washer & dryer) and zipping through basic daily chores, Kate and I have been very creative. She’s working on a long-term much time needed sewing project while watching Wives & Daughters, and I’ve been working on a colored pencil drawing. I’ve got quite a few books on working with colored pencils, and Chris & Kate gave me the ultimate colored pencil set for my birthday last August, but this is the first actual piece I’ve been brave enough to start. So far, so good… though I’m trying not to get my hopes up!

This past Sunday evening, Kate & Sara got their first shot (at least for Kate) at recording! They managed to record several acapella Christmas carols in a local historic chapel, and the acoustics were incredible! They’re planning on another session or two, but just getting over the hurdle of that first session and all the jitters that go along with it was a BIG step for them. I got to sneak in on one song… it was a round, and needed just a little more depth and length. (A rectangular round?) Dear old mom had a little trouble jumping in on a moment’s notice. They had to record it several times because of my, um, help.


But… it was fun!


I think we’re going to brave the weather this afternoon and head to a fabric store to stock up on supplies! One can never have too much fabric.

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